Social Media Presence is very active in the world of battle tracking and war following.  We love following the conflicts that are happening all over the world and have built this website to help others track and follow wars with ease.

We are always finding new stories through our different channels but one of them is through social media.

 Therefore we have brought this page to you to help you determine the best way to follow and keep up to date with the conflict your following

The Breakdown of places ConflictDaily posts to and has allies with: 

  • Facebook:  Of course we have a Facebook Page.  We have a Facebook Group too that anyone who likes to track wars and follow conflicts can share their stories in.
  • Twitter:  Yes we have a presence on Twitter too.
  • Reddit:   We love Reddit and do our best to be a good “Redditor” by not bombing their website with all of our links, because that’s just not cool.  But, we love when our posts reach Reddit because these topics are important in our world.  Just look at history.
  • Google+:  The ConflictDaily Google+ “community” is called War and Battle Following and Posts: Is the place where just like our other groups, if you prefer Google+, is where anyone can post their stories they write or have found on the latest battle or even from history.

Our Allies:

 Without you, none of this is possible.

Thank you for being a part of

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