The War in Ukraine

By Philip Harris Feb. 22, 2017  (Edited and Re Posted Feb. 23, 2017)
Also known as the Crimea Annexation or the War in Donbass, began when unknown (at the time) troops stormed and blockaded all of Ukraine’s military assets, bases and troops in Crimea.  It was later discovered those unknown troops  that invaded were Russian soldiers.  The Russian soldiers entered Crimea after the Russian aligned president Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in a pro-western revolution in February of 2014.

In the beginning of March 2014, protests across the Donbass region of Ukraine caused a splitting of the nation into two separate sides.  In the Donbass region of Ukraine you have the Russian supported Donbass People’s Militia, Luhansk Brigade with their widely know orange and black insignia, and some Russian advisers.  West of the Donbass is Ukraine with Kiev being its capitol.

Feburary 27th 2014, 4:20 local time about 60 unknown (Russian) soldiers seized the parliament building in Crimea and raised Russian flags.  Shortly after the takeover of Crimea by Russian assistance, a referendum was held to determine what land Crimea belongs to.  Although throughout the international community the annexation occurred and is still occupied by Russia and Russian proxy forces today.

Ukrainian Army and Russian supported separatists clashed throughout their front lines near Donetsk, the Russian separatists self declared capitol, and the airport near by to secure the Donetsk international airport.  The airport battle caused the destruction of the main terminal and large cratering from artillery, rockets and mortars that have fallen.

Battles raged throughout the Donbass region until the Minsk agreement was signed on September 5th 2014.  The agreement is a protocol that ensures an immediate ceasefire to the fighting that has raged in eastern Ukraine.  There are other protocols in the agreement calling on both sides to return illegally detained prisoners, to continue dialog with one another, withdraw illegal military groups and equipment and to ensure proper monitoring of the area by internationally recognized monitoring groups like the OSCE.

Currently there are reports multiple times a day coming from the front line all across the internet channels of social media and news that the fighting really hasn’t let up much.  There are articles almost daily that either Ukrainian military or the Russian Separatists in Donbass tried to gain ground and assault for new territory.  Or both have fired larger caliber weapons at the front lines in defiance of the Minsk agreement.

This unique and speedy assault by the Russians at a huge land grab in Crimea and Donbass scared a lot of European citizens and governments.  The “little green men” we have all heard from the non flag wearing and unknown soldiers that stirred up the separatists in Crimea and Donbass are a new type of warfare that has everyone’s attention.  Its a scary prospect because every party involved in some way in the Ukraine conflict, has increased their military spending and posturing throughout their territories.  The border of Russia and various other non Russian aligned countries and the United States and it’s allies reinforcing Europe, makes this area one of the most conflict prone areas known.

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